Balloon Buddy


Brighten the Day of a Senior Today!

Spreading Joy, Love and Smiles to
Bay Area Grandparents and Senior Citizens!

The pandemic has been especially hard on our senior citizens and grandparents who haven’t been able to visit with their loved ones. The nurses and caregivers give as much as they can on a daily basis but our senior citizens need some extra care.

Imagine the pervasive depression and loneliness!


  • No Hugs!
  • No Kisses!
  • No Handshakes!
  • Only infrequent Socially Distanced Visits allowed!
  • No Regularly Scheduled Outings!

Feeling forgotten can cause:

  • Anxiety
  • Decline in mental abilities
  • Decreased attention and focus
  • Impaired judgment
  • Rapid progression of Alzheimer’s disease
We want them to know they are missed and loved by gifting them a “Balloon Buddy”.

Fortune Kookie Fun is excited to be part of a worldwide initiative with other balloon professionals around the world to spread love. #adoptagrandparent

Adopt-a-Grandparent is sweeping the nation and we want you to be part of that movement. Please join the movement to let our seniors know we care!

How does Adopt-A-Grandparent work?

You are adopting a “random” grandparent you do not know. With that act of kindness, you are spreading Joy to a person under senior care who might otherwise not receive that love and attention. If you happen to know someone at the community, you are welcome to specify their info on your order with a personalized message.

If you have a specific center in mind, please send us the facility’s name and employee working there. Fortune Kookie Fun will contact them to introduce the Adopt-A-Grandparent program.

Love and Hugs Goal:

  • Every resident receives one 28’ tall Balloon Buddy at a chosen assisted living community
  • Fundraising thermometer for the facility is set up at
  • Production and delivery is made once goal is achieved
  • Deliveries are White Glove and Mask and Contact Free
  • Uplifting note attached to each Balloon Buddy
  • “I am your Balloon Buddy to bring you a Smile and a Loving Hug every day!”
  • You will receive an e-mail of the day of delivery
  • Bonus balloon sculpture delivered for the staff to thank them for being wonderful caregivers
  • New community will be chosen once the current community is complete.
  • Corporations are encouraged to participate with your logo added to the cards and may elect to do priority sponsoring for all of the residents at a facility of their choosing

Each Balloon buddy is a low $20 and provides a level of nurturing and care to seniors who need it the most!

Delivery is free.

Thank you for Sponsoring the Love and Hugs Balloon Buddy

Payment option instructions will be on your invoice

  • Payment Instruction options will be on your invoice 

    • Zelle
    • Venmo/Paypal/Credit Card subject to 5% interest and convenience fee
    • CashApp